All-Encompassing Solutions for Your Organization

Manual processing of payments is arduous for any agency. By transitioning to TouchPay’s automated payment solutions, you can reallocate employees to more operationally focused roles.

Operational efficiency including reallocation of staff

Information security for you and your customers

Ability to handle cash transactions

Reliable technology with included maintenance

Child Support Payments

TouchPay partners with child support agencies to provide non- custodial parents with safe, secure, and convenient options for making child support payments, which increases their children’s quality of life. TouchPay:

  • Partners with child support agencies, collecting over $100 million in obligations annually
  • Continually monitors and upgrades systems to comply with federal regulations
  • Offers a multitude of payment channels, including unique iOS and Android mobile apps and a Walk-In Retail option

Government Payments

TouchPay’s products and services were specifically created to meet the unique needs of government agencies. Our high-impact, technologically advanced products can handle:

  • State Payments
  • Courts & Municipalities
  • Drug Testing / Monitoring Fees
  • Probation and Supervision

Corrections Payments

Correctional facilities, as well as community corrections agencies, at the county, state, and federal level can use TouchPay’s turnkey platform, which features real-time reporting and guaranteed funds, for payments related to:

  • Trust Accounts
  • Self-Release (Bail)
  • Other Assorted Fees